3 Tips to Turn Your Bridesmaids’ Gifts into Barefoot Bombshell Tear-Jerkers

8 Oct

 Does this strike a chord? 

someecards.com - We have the same personalities, thoughts, feelings and dresses. I'm so happy she gave matching photo books as our gifts.

~ Said no bridesmaid ever.

 Weddings are an incredible time for the people planning as well as attending. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties and “over-the-phone support” are just some of the unwritten responsibilities that go into the role of Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid {or at least we hope they do.}

Adding in the responsibility of travel and shelling out for your destination wedding adds an additional layer to the role.

Who couldn’t have fun with a coconut drink and a pool?

Even though you know it’ll be one big party once they get there, it may be quite a pill to swallow for your bridal party at the thought of spending thousands of dollars for your wedding {even if they’ll be mixing in sun, fun, tropical drinks and a week they’ll never forget.}

A bridesmaid soaking up paradise!

Chances are you are incorporating friends and/or family in your bridal party who you may know from different stages of your life. Your childhood friend’s personality and style may be completely different from that of your best friend from college – who you really hope plans on fitting in her dress!








Showing Appreciation of their Colorful Personalities – Honoring Barefoot Bombshell Bridesmaids via Bridesmaids’ Gifts

1. Take a moment to think of the recipient’s favorite color

If you are planning on having your bridal party wear the same dresses, think about colors that you know they love wearing and ordering custom jewelry in that color.

While it’s certainly your call to choose what they’ll be wearing, it’s a thoughtful measure to incorporate pieces of jewelry that they’ll be excited to wear any day after your big day.

[Red-i} By Chelsea Custom Mermaid Cuff Bracelet
















 2. What kind of jewelry do they typically wear?

Some women just aren’t all about rockin’ a full on collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

If you know for example that they love earrings and bracelets, think about customizing those specific pieces and adding in some fabulous barefoot jewelry. These are fully customizable pieces of jewelry that are able to transcend beyond the wedding day to any and all occasions!

They can wear them for their float down the aisle and on to the reception with heels or sandals. The colors used to design can be the same colors and materials used in designing their earrings and bracelets!

{Red-i} By Chelsea Bridemaids Jewelry

{Red-i} By Chelsea Barefoot Jewelry

Red-i By Chelsea Bond Girl Barefoot Jewelry












3. In addition to or in place of jewelry, think outside of the {jewelry} box.

If your bridal party doesn’t jump up and down at the thought of jewelry, there’s still something very personal and customizable that you can do for them. In order to tie into the elements of sand and sea, plus gift them with something they can still incorporate into the wedding, adding hair accessories as gifts can be another fantastic idea!

{Red-i} By Chelsea Indian Goddess Style Maang Tikka Hair Jewelry

Whether your bridesmaids are into channeling British royalty a la fascinator or simply adding a flower that will give them a barefoot bombshell look, hair accessories are the perfect punctuation to their ensemble.

{Red-i} By Chelsea Hair Accessories

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid’s gifts can be a creative, exciting and rewarding experience. The best feeling will be handing over those little packages of beauty, sipping your champagne and watching the happy tears flow!

For more information on how to order your custom jewelry, click here to contact {Red-i} By Chelsea to begin this unique, one of a kind experience.

About {Red-i} By Chelsea: Exotic Travel-Inspired Jewelry

{Red-i} By Chelsea specializes in the most unique jewelry + hair accessories tailored for destination weddings. Transforming the visions of brides around the world into one of a kind, wearable art is what inspires Chelsea to design thoughtful, personalized jewelry that exudes the personality of each recipient.


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