Wedding Cakes: The Basics

15 Feb

Todays guest blog is by Marika Lane, Founder

Wedding cake information:

One of the highlights of any wedding reception is the cutting of the wedding cake. That beautifully decorated and hopefully delicious cake may also be one of the most enjoyable items to shop for as you are planning your wedding. However, if you want everything to be perfect there are a few things you should think about before choosing that multi-tiered masterpiece.

1. Know how you’ll be charged

When most of us buy a cake, we are charged for the entire cake. Wedding cakes don’t work that way. Instead, your baker will probably charge you a per piece price. For example, you may be charged $2 per piece. If you are expecting 300 guests, then the minimum you will be charged is $600 for that cake. Your choice of fillings and other additions can raise the price higher.

2. Find a baker with wedding cake experience

Obviously, you want to hire someone who can make a delicious cake. However, wedding cakes can be tricky because they require more attention to detail and careful assembly than your average sheet cake. Ask potential bakers how much experience they have had creating wedding cakes for clients and ask to see some photos of their past work. Good bakers won’t hesitate to pull out their portfolios.

3. Consider all of your options

Years ago, wedding cakes were beautiful but boring. They looked magnificent on the outside but inside they were just plain white or yellow cake. Today, you don’t have to settle for anything plain. Cake flavors now come in a wide variety, including lemon, orange, chocolate, spice, banana, and more. Plus, you can jazz up the flavors even more by adding tasty fillings – raspberry, strawberry, chocolate mousse, etc. Some bakers even offer alternatives to traditional butter cream icing, including mocha and white chocolate. Because so many options are available, you should shop around and do as much taste testing as necessary to find the perfect flavor for your cake.

And remember if you are tied between a couple of choices you can always make different layers different flavors.

4. Make arrangements for delivery and set up of cake in advance

Don’t just assume the baker’s price includes the cost of delivery. Make sure to ask. If delivery isn’t included, don’t try to bring the cake to the reception site on your own. That’s a recipe for disaster. Choose a different baker, pay the extra delivery fee, or negotiate a price that does include the fee.

Also, talk to the person in charge of your reception site and find out how early the baker’s staff can arrive with the cake. Make sure you have examined the facilities so you know ahead of time if there will be refrigeration for your cake if necessary (a good idea during the hotter months). Decide in advance where you want the cake to be set up during the reception.

5. Pick a unique cake topper

In the past, cake toppers were usually just bride and groom figurines. Today, you can pick a topper that fits your personality or your wedding’ theme. For example, you could use real or silk flowers which match the rest of your wedding flowers. You could also choose to use a picture frame holding a photograph of the two of you together. Cinderella-themed cake toppers might also be another unique option for your wedding. The idea is to pick something that looks beautiful on the cake and truly symbolizes you as a couple.

Final Word: If you’re on a tight budget, make sure you decide the maximum amount you can spend on your wedding cake before you start shopping around. Otherwise, your taste buds may cause you to go over budget.

Marika Lane, Founder. If you blog about Weddings contact me today and expose your articles to our readers.


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