17 Nov

Today at Travel to Maui wedding tips I would like to introduce Diane Iannuzziello from Calligraphy by Diane.

Welcome to autumn, one of my favorite seasons of the year!

This is the time of year, where we experience the beautiful colours nature gives us before going to sleep for the winter. I love those pleasant drives into the country side, taking it all in and capturing the scenic pictures.

It has been incredible busy and I now would like to share with you some of the recent projects done in my calligraphy studio.
There has been projects for the corporate events for the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) followed by the Finance Convention for Deutcshe Bank; a wedding ketubah; poems; quotes; a name inscribed on the side of a model ship; anniversary card; college diplomas; teaching calligraphy lessons, and how about this? I designed a tattoo as well! (done many designs)

Wow! Sure shows how hand done calligraphy is very much in demand with today’s technology.

I have worked on major events in the city in September as mentioned above. There was the annual TIFF, specifically giving me the privilege and honour to inscribe a celebrity’s name on her place card for a corporate dinner, Madonna!!

Following the TIFF, was the big Finance Convention, bringing 8,000 guests to our city of Toronto for the week. This is like the “Olympics” in the world of Finances with world banks coming together. This year it was hosted by Toronto. I serviced the Deutsche Bank’s dinner place seating cards for their VIPs held at the Carlu.

An interesting ketubah project arrived, with the mother of the bride being an artist herself. She provided the art done for the border on the ketubah, and then I had the honour to complete the ketubah to hand write the wedding vows. Here is what this finished piece looked like.

The lovely art work was done by Nancy Frankel and here I also showed a closer look at the calligraphy that I did to complete this beautiful piece. Together it was a lovely creation combining 2 artists’ work beautifully. What great energy this piece gave!!

I look forward to servicing you, whether it is for your wedding, enhance your corporate event, or have your favorite poem completed in beautifully hand done calligraphy, it is both an honour and privilege to do so. I take a great deal of pride in bringing to life, how you envisioned your project to look.

Enjoy the fall season.

I welcome your comments or inquiries.

All the best,
Diane Iannuzziello
Calligraphy by Diane 

As seen on WedLuxe Magazine and WedLuxe “Best of awards” winner in 2010


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  1. traveltomaui February 1, 2012 at 2:30 pm #

    Thanks Diane from Calligraphy by Diane for your great guest blog on Travel to Maui wedding tips.

    Marie Glodt Travel to Maui

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