What’s a Honeymoon Trousseau?

20 Sep

Trousseau (tr’oo so or troo so’) is the brides clothing after the wedding, in Victorian times it was her dowry. She would arrange clothing for the marriage…today we just call it honeymoon clothes!
Every bride shops for her honeymoon based on her destination. Think attractive sexy clothes as well as practical clothing. Who needs an excuse to buy new things? The perfect time to shop and assemble your wardrobe is before the wedding planning gets too hectic.
 Make a checklist of what you’ll need to buy, tuck your purchases away and check them off the list. Your packing will be a breeze, you’ll be stress free and you’ll have staggered the purchases over time so you don’t burst your budget. Shop for your honeymoon trousseau with the same zeal that you shop for your wedding dress. Buy new clothes and hot lingerie. Look spectacular for your new husband…he will LOVE it!
Its a time to be a bit daring, to put on those oh-so sexy heels and the low cut top…..so have fun and start assembling your trousseau!
Some items are standard regardless of where you’re getting married and honeymooning: Sexy honeymoon lingerie, one different outfit for each night. The wedding night is usually extra special, the other days can be cute teddies and silk chemises. Bras and panties, some even say bride or just married on them…for his eyes only!
A cover up robe for romantic breakfasts, think silk, charmeuse or baby doll length.
Sandals, flip flops, sexy heels for dress up and a comfortable pair of walking or athletic shoes. Tee shirts, blouses or tank tops.
Cami tops with built in bras are perfect for sightseeing or just hanging out. You can always add a cute shrug or bolero jacket to turn it into the perfect dinner outfit. Cami tops are one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe.
Flirty sexy skirts, shorts, cropped pants and pants or jeans.
A dressy or formal dress for a romantic dinner out. Boncy Boutique, Marissa’s Collection and SooBest has some adorable day and evening dresses at affordable prices. (Scroll down below for discount links!)
A great handbag! Accessories for each outfit! Body lotions with a hint of shimmer.

If you are traveling to a tropical location don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit and a hat!

Happy Honeymooning!!
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Written for Travel to Maui wedding tips blog by Cheryl Glover at Happily Ever After Boutique.

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