What is the best way to get my wedding dress shipped to Hawaii?

20 Sep

Here is a question from a destination bride coming to Maui, Hawaii for her upcoming wedding:
“I’m getting married in Maui and I want to know the best way to get my wedding dress shipped over there?”

Hawaii bride

Aloha from Maui,
I am so glad you asked this question. I see it all the time on “the knot” Yahoo answers, and other wedding chat rooms with people giving really BAD feedback.

Back in the old days before the airlines charged you for luggage it was fairly simple to bring your dress with you on the flight. BACK then you could easily fit it in the over head or ask nicely and the flight attendant who would probably stow it for you in the first class cabin. That was back then.

NOWADAYS it is not such a great idea to carry it with you on the flight.

Picture this: You arrive at the airport, and the first thing that happens is the TSA person has you take your wedding dress out of the bag and put it on the belt. It needs to fit in that small bin. You HOPE it doesn’t get stuck in the machine.

    Then you jockey with the 250+ or so people on your plane for the over head bin because everyone is trying to AVOID paying that stupid baggage fee imposed by the airlines!

Every flight I have been on coming back to Maui has had more than one bride on the flight with her dress (remember we are one of the #1 destination wedding location)! I always see people trying to jam their bag in a spot that it clearly doesn’t fit. How will you feel when you see a stranger MOVE your dress so he can jam his kid’s sippy cup and diaper bag in “your” bin.

See what I mean. Bringing your wedding dress on the flight to Maui is NOT the best way to get it here.

Here is my advice: Ship it. Ask your wedding planner or hotel front desk who they suggest to press your dress, and pick it up the first day or two when you get here.

Of course it goes without saying to send it with a tracking # and insured for the cost of the dress.

Written by Marie Glodt at Travel to Maui

Travel to Maui is a Hawaiian Destination Specialist with the Hawaii Visitor Bureau and a Maui Master with the Maui Visitor Bureau

HVCB Member


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